Trivia Tuesday - Spooky Animals!

Trivia Tuesday • spooky animals • SQ

It’s time for a SPOOKY Trivia Tuesday! How much do you know about the creepier members of the animal kingdom?

Which of these spiders is the biggest?

A) Fishing spider B) Black widow C) Wolf spider D) Goliath birdeater

What does a jelly use to sting its prey?

A) Electric shocks B) Cels that shoot harpoon stingers C) Poisonous tentacles D) A jar of bees

Which of these is POISONOUS? (Not venemous!)

A) Black mamba B) Bees C) Stingrays D) Pitohui bird

Which of these animals has the deadliest venom?

A) Bull ant B) Box jelly C) Cone snail D) Black widow

Check back next week for answers! HQ Signature

Answers! D,B,D,B