Trivia Tuesday - Sloth

image (228) Trivia Tuesday will be focused on Sloth’s today, in recognition of International Sloth Day tomorrow!
In the wild, how many hours do sloths sleep per day?

A) 5 hours B) Exactly 9 hours C) Up to 20 hours D) 1 hour

A sloth’s scientific name is Bradypus. What does that mean in Greek?

A) Fast bear B) Napping cat C) Slow feet D) Upside down thing

How long can it take for a sloth to digest a single meal?

A) Average 2 weeks B) 6 hours C) Up to a month D) 10 minutes

These animals are crepuscular, which means?

A) They are most active at dawn and dusk. B) They climb trees C) They play all-day D) They take a swim before bed. (edited) 

Sloths can be tinted green by: A) Rolling in mud  B) Algae growing on their fur C) Eating leaves D) Not feeling well

Different species of sloth are easily identified by their: A) Eyes B) Claws C) Legs D) Tails

Sloths are ARBOREAL, which means: A) They live in trees B) They are quiet C) They don’t eat meat D) They are climbers HQ Signature

Answers: CCAABBA