Trivia Tuesday - Nocturnal Animals

Trivia Tuesday • nocturnal • SQ

When night falls in Animal Jam, you can win prizes by finding NOCTURNAL ANIMALS hiding around Jamaa! This Trivia Tuesday, it’s time to learn a little more about animals that come out after dark!

Animals that are active during the day are:

A) Diurnal B) Crepuscular C) Docturnal D) Caffeinated

Compared to diurnal animals, nocturnal ones have:

A) Larger ears B) Larger noses C) Larger eyes D) More fun

Which type of cell helps land animal eyes see light?

A) Rods B) Cones C) Light blood cels D) Chloroplasts

Which of these animals is NOT nocturnal?

A) Hyenas B) Tasmanian devils C) Bearded dragons D) Skunks

(Don’t forget to head to Sarepia Forest to watch Azure21’s video on how to find Nocturnal Animals.)

Trivia Tuesday • nocturnal • SQ2

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Answers: ACAC