Trivia Tuesday - Iguanas!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Ignite your iguana knowledge with today’s fun facts! How much do you know about iguanas?

Iguanas are ectothermic, which means:

A) They rely on external heat sources B) They have warm blood C) They like cold places D) They are ghosts

Iguanas may fight for their right to:

A) The best water B) The best caves C) The best warm rocks D) Party

Iguanas that swim and eat algae live:

A) In South America B) On the Galapagos Islands C) In Japan D) In the Philippines

The scientific name for Green Iguanas is:

A) Ctenosaura similis B) Dipsosaurus dorsalis C) Corvus corax D) Iguana iguana

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Answers: A,C,B,D