Trivia Tuesday - Highland Cows!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Test your bovine brainpower today and learn about Highland Cows! Still hungry for more? Catch up on previous Trivia Tuesdays here in the Daily Explorer!

Highland means that Highland cows come from:

A) Denmark B) Scotland C) Ireland D) The Rocky Mountains

Evidence of Highland cows is known as far back as:

A) The 600s B) The 1200s C) The 1800s D) The 1990s

Some Highland cows have brindle coats, meaning:

A) They’re white B) They’re striped C) They’re dark brown D) They’re curly

Highland cows are best suited for:

A) Desert environments B) Forest environments C) Snowy environments D) Workplace environments HQ Signature

Answers: B,A,B,C