Trivia Tuesday - Guinea Pig

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Time to test your Guinea Pig knowledge with Trivia Tuesday! When guinea pigs are happy they ‘Popcorn’. What does that mean? A) They curl up very small in a ball B) They make a crunchy noise with their teeth C) They go to the cinema D) They jump high in the air

Humans have been keeping guinea pigs as pets for how many years? A) 100 B) 3,000 C) 50 D) 10,000

These animals are crepuscular, which means? A) They are most active at dawn and dusk. B) They climb trees C) They play all day D) They take a swim before bed.

Guinea pigs are: A) Pigs B) Rodents C) Carnivores D) Rats

Guinea pigs are also called: A) Piglets B) Popcorns C) Cavies D) Scooters

When excited, lots of guinea pigs like to: A) Jump and twist! B) Roll onto their backs C) Dig underground D) Go to sleep

Unlike other rodents, a guinea pig’s teeth are: A) White B) Long C) Yellow D) Always growing

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