Trivia Tuesday - Farming!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Test your agricultural acumen and learn about farming! How many questions can you get right?

No-till farming is done to:

A) Cut costs B) Break up the soil C) Keep soil healthier D) Put an end to tills

In Indigenous agriculture, the Three Sisters are:

A) Three rules for farming B) Three steps to farming C) Three influential women farmers D) Three food staples: squash, corn, & beans

Crops can fail without:

A) Proper irrigation B) Proper soil C) Insect pollination D) All of the above

Which word means “gardening for food production”?

A) Anthropology B) Horticulture C) Mycology D) Photosynthesis

Check back for answers next week!

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Answers: C,D,D,B