Trivia Tuesday - Dogs!

Trivia Tuesday Dogs

In celebration of Thankful for My Dog Day tomorrow, how about some dog trivia?

Siberian Huskies were first bred by:

A) Siberians B) The Chukchi C) Alaskans D) Canadians

People who drive sled teams of Huskies are called:

A) Zoomers B) Runners C) Sledders D) Mushers

In 1925, 20 teams of sled dogs relayed to deliver:

A) 1 million cans of food B) 1 million units of diphtheria antitoxin C) 1 million books D) A babySiberian

Huskies often communicate by:

A) Pawing B) Barking C) Howling D) Interpretive dance

Corgis were bred to:

A) Hunt foxes B) Herd cattle C) Jump fences D) Dig holes

The two main corgi breeds are:

A) Pembroke and Cardigan B) Pippin and Wellington C) Buttershire and Toastington D) Westminster and West Highland

Corgi are most susceptible to problems with their:

A) Hips B) Teeth C) Fur D) Feet

Corgi’s short legs help them:

A) Roll on the ground B) Avoid cows’ kicks C) Run faster D) Dig

Check back for answers next week! HQ Signature