Trick or Treating Masterpiece Collab! | Animal Jam

Visit our YouTube channel and get in the spirit of the Night of the Phantoms with this cool Masterpiece Collaboration! We had a great time collaborating with: Wolfy44444, Tehbestotakuevah, Ivmg, Valceethetiger, Disneygrl, Mooep, Pokemonxyzthebattle, Cupcake89, Shadowbluefire, Tinkeregirl, Radiation, Kid23000, CB111111, Epdod, Chaviwolf, Hyenine1, 223Lourose and Moonilethefox! Each of these amazing AJ artists and collaborators will be receiving a Fan Art plaque for their den and a Masterpiece Token! Spooky Masterpieces make great Night of the Phantoms decor, so don’t forget to make your own, or even trade for them!