THAT'S what's wrong with these AJHQ Classrooms!

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THAT’S what’s wrong with these AJHQ Animal Jam and AJ Classic School Dens; THANK YOU for being the first to let us know in AJC ajanae1203 and AJ pigfuzz3! Time to clean up these classrooms so that it’s ready for back-to-school! We hope you enjoyed the challenge of finding the differences!

Answers below: AJ Classic 22 -Jamaaliday Wreath -Phantom Eye In Tree -Submarine/Octopus -Snowman -Snowballs -Jamaaliday shrub -2021 Banner -Jamaaliday Stocking -Shamrock -Firecracker -Tiki Torch -Space Window -Ice Cube Chair -Heart Cloud -Pumpkin Vine -Spring Festival Eggs -Glowing Mushrooms -Scarecrow -Sled -Jelly Fish -Ships Wheel -Reindeer Poop

AJ 19 -Ice Patch -Snowballs -Snow Pile and Shovel -Portal -Reindeer Poop -Firecrackers -Snake in basket -Dart board -Falling confetti -Clown vanity -Bucket of fish -Sleeping bag -Volcano -Spring Festival eggs -Pot of Gold -Candy Cane -Hot Tub -Shark Sign -Fireworks HQ Signature