Congrats to our Spot the Difference Summer Carnival Winners!

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image (444) Congrats to: dinogirl10123 - DE (Classic) mythicalcreature22 DE (AJ)

Answers are listed below:

Ready to Spot the Difference? Slide on your sunglasses and take a look at these pictures of carnival fun!! How many differences can you find in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic’s AJHQ Den? Here’s how to play:

View both pictures in our post of our Summer Carnival Spot the Difference in Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam Dens or check our dens live.

Respond in the comments below calling out how many differences you spot, and what they are.

1st to RESPOND with the total number of differences and items for Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic’s den wins! Happy searching! HQ Signature

Answers: image-20220627-145132

AJ Answers

black band on step

start to flower on fireworks

rocking horse’s eye

red flag to orange

fixed stair crack

top of cone blue to red

camel visitor in window

AJC Answers

image-20220627-145231 missing balloon tape

added leaf

dart’s eye

cotton candy turned green

elephant on book

turned cheese into lettuce

removed bow from balloon bag