So many amazing Masterpiece artists in Animal Jam!

image (43)image (44)image (42)image (41)image (40)image (39)image (38)image (37) There are so many amazing Masterpiece artists in Animal Jam; the incredible artistic skill of the AJ Community blows us away! Check out these spectacular Masterpieces by xxninjaxx333, chocolate4froggy, chloesk, Sharkledog, victoria87543, spiraluniverse, Atlartis and Ahaisga! They will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque and a Masterpiece Token for their talented work. Don’t forget you can get a head start in Masterpiece creation through the Artist’s Dream Bundle, now available at! Memberships purchased at during July will receive the Art Gallery Den, Exclusive Artistic Den items and outfits, Lemur & Lemur pet and FIVE MASTERPIECE TOKENS! HQ