News Crew - What do you do on a cloudy day in Jamaa?

News Crew - What do you do on a cloudy day in Jamaa? 
by: Cutelittlebub1 


You better watch out, Jammers, because I see some dark clouds floating in over Jamaa Township! But wait, don't you fear, because I have some PAWfect tips on what to do in Jamaa on a cloudy day. 

First, you should get some rain gear. If it happens to be in season, you can buy some great boots or coats at Jam Mart Clothing! I recommend Sunshine Galoshes and Topcoat so you can stay dry and warm. If you can't find these in stores, ask your buddies to trade with you! 

If all these clouds are making you sad, then I have a good solution; find your buddies! If you have some great friends in Jamaa, tell them how you feel and they are sure to cheer you up! 

If you feel like something fun, make a craft or play a game! You can be super creative and go to a party, make something for family, or invent a new game. 


The options are unlimited! 

Finally, try to make the best of the day. Rainy days do come along, and there is really not much to do about it. Just try your best to have fun, because with friends and determination, you can do anything! Stay PAWsome, jammers!


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