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Hi jammers! I hope your Jamaalidays have been wonderful so far! With this season come some beautiful animals - reindeer! I've got some fascinating facts about them for you!


Did you know that reindeer are the ONLY type of deer in which the females have antlers as well as the males? They can keep their antlers throughout the winter to compete with others for food before the spring, which is when their babies are born. The babies are called calves.


The hair on a reindeer's coat is hollow, which lets it trap air so that they can keep cozy and warm in their frosty habitat! It also allows deer to swim through big icy rivers. They can swim for up to six miles per hour! Isn't that snow-tacular?


Reindeer have incredible sight. Scientists have so far discovered that they are the only mammals can see ultraviolet light. This helps them see things more clearly in the brightness of the Arctic, like predators.


They also have a very strong sense of smell, to help them find lichen (moss) under really deep snow.


Reindeer live in the Northern areas of North America, like Canada and Alaska. They also live in parts of Europe including Russia and Greenland. They also, of course, live in the North Pole. Reindeer can live for up to 15 years in the wild.


Deer are leaping through Jamaa this winter. Become your very own deer and join in the festive fun!


This is Leaping Snowystone signing out. Happy Jamaalidays everybody!


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Thanks to Leaping Snowystone for a deer-iffic NEWS CREW report!!!


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