News Crew - How to Maximize your luck on Lucky Day!


News Crew-How to Maximize your Luck on Lucky Day By: Brigdawg9

Hey Jammers! This month in Jamaa we are celebrating Lucky Day! It is a day where we celebrate our luck. On Lucky Day, everyone wears green and goes out looking for lucky clovers to increase their luck! But did you know there are other ways to maximize your luck besides looking for clovers? Keep reading if you want to know them all!

First there is wearing green. If you want to be lucky, than wearing green is the way to go! There are many stylish items at Jam Mart Clothing just WAITING to be worn by you! Also, decorating your den with green items is a great way to keep your den full of luck! There are many items in the Diamond Shop and Jam Mart Furniture that go very well with this theme.

Besides wearing green, the Lucky Clovers adventure is a great way to stay lucky and earn items for your den! You and your buddies can have a BLAST going on an exciting hunt for clovers while using teamwork and problem solving to collect all 50 clovers and earn the GRAND PRIZE!

Another way to increase your luck is by going to the Lucky Party. You and your buddies can have a fun time celebrating your luck! Plus, there are special items sold ONLY at the Lucky Party so go check it out!

Finally, the last way to maximize your luck is by spending time with your buddies and being a safe and smart jammer. You will always have a fun and exciting time doing so! Stay safe and have a happy Lucky Day!

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