News Crew - minigame dos and don'ts

News Crew - Minigame Dos and Don'ts
By: Mysticcat937

Whether you are low in gems, or maybe just looking for something fun to do around Jamaa, you can try some minigames! Minigames are fun and awesome! 

Here are some Minigame DO's and DON'Ts:  

When playing minigames, DO: Have fun! The whole purpose of minigames is so jammers like you and I can have fun. Enjoy playing minigames.
Also DO: Try your best! If you dont put effort into playing, it won't be easy to win. Try, try, try! 

Here's a DON'T: Don't give up! Even if you don't get to the treasure in Sky High, or maybe a phantom fell on you during Falling Phantoms, never ever give up. I'm not the best at Sky High, but I kept on trying and I actually made it to the treasure. Remember to persevere!
DON'T: Don't feel upset if the game is hard. Some games are not easy, but think about the prizes or gems you can get in the end! Many others may feel the same about a game, but just don't feel bad or mad if it is hard. 

Next time you are thinking about playing a minigame, remember these DO's and DON'Ts to make sure you have a blast!


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