March 18th Jamaa Weather Report!

WeatherReport-flurr40 flurr40 is reporting live from Jamaa:

Today in Jamaa Township, it’s normal weather as usual. Unless if you count the fact that it’s so hot that my hat has just burnt. In Mount Shiveer, we have- AAAH HELP A SNOWSTORM! OK, let’s get out of here! Brr, so cold! At Temple Of Zios, we have rainy rainy rainy rainy rainy rainy __ weather. Fill in the blank. The answer is rainy. Crystal Sands will have PERFECT weather! Well, after this news report I’m going to chill out there! It’s sunny, with a cool breeze. In Appondale AAH! Be careful, there’s a storm! Aah, help, I’m gonna get blown away… OK I am back now. Just a little cold. So, in Coral Canyons, we have- gosh, it’s a rainbow! 2 rainbows- no 3- oh wait, there’s 10- HEY! Graham! It wasn’t a rainbow. Just one of Graham’s inventions that makes you think there’s a rainbow. (I’m gonna get you for that, Graham…) That is the end of the news. Now, I’m busy. See ya’ll later. I gotta get Graham and chill out at Crystal Sands! Hey where did Crystal Sands go? GRAHAM!!! -flurr40 ! HQ Signature