March 16th Special Weather Report!

20210312 PopJam Weather Report-01junglejazz21-2 We interrupt with this special weather report: Welcome back to JamaaJazz News and I’m Junglejazz21 with today’s weather forecast! It’s warm in Jamaa Township! Our favorite city is nice and sunny today; and it’s around 60 degrees. It’s hot in Kimbara Outback. REAL hot. Be sure to dress appropriately so you don’t need medical help! (In case you do, you can stop by Gabby’s Animal Hospital.) Crystal Sands is quite hot as well, though the water is cool and there is a cool breeze! A trip to this tropical land will give you summer vibes. Coral Canyons is a bit cooler… and there have been thick spots of dust reported! Stay safe. Appondale is hot too! If it is too warm for you, be sure to wade in the relaxing pool of mud. Snowstorms in Mt. Shiveer! A GREAT time to catch golden snowflakes… but make sure to bundle up! Moku’ahi is expecting a volcanic eruption, which will make it even hotter! If this disaster occurs while you are exploring, make sure to leap into the patches of water to protect yourself! - junglejazz21