Keep Your Pets Safe!

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Keep Your Pets Safe! Smart jammers are careful with trading our pet friends.

What would you do in these situations?

? A player asks if you need help taking care of your pets.

? A player offers to watch pets and level up your pet for you.

? A player asks you to trade the pet to them for junk or for free, or for other items.

What are the red flags in these situations?

  • If you do not have a pet station you can utilize a pet station in any players den.

  • You can utilize their pet station to level up your pets on your own.

  • All of the items you’ve collected while playing have value to yourself as well as the community.

What should you do?

  • Ask to utilize their pet station instead. Would you ask strangers to care for your pet in real life?

  • Do not accept the trade in hopes that they will return your pet. Would you trade your real life pet for “free” items or junk?

  • Careful on your buddy selection.

  • Options to keep yourself safe and to report players for breaking the rules are to; report them, block them, and if needed you can always go to a different area and log off as well

Keep your special pet friends safe, healthy, and happy!

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