Jammer Tip - Diamond Challenge Announcement



Greetings Jammers! Cosmo here.


The Alphas and I were really impressed with the Diamond Challenge that took place in early September. That being said, more Diamond Challenges are being planned as we speak! Keep your eyes peeled to the Daily Explorer and tell your buddies about the great news! If you didn't get a chance to participate, don't worry, you'll have plenty more chances right here at the Daily Explorer.



Thanks for your help with the Phantoms Jammers!


As the Night of the Phantoms draws near, Jamaa Township is certainly looking different! Phantoms are beginning to appear in all sorts of places, and the autumn leaves have brought many new colors into Jamaa Township! What a beautiful sight!

Quick Tip: Don't forget to check out SPOT ON, a game where you try to spot animals in pictures as quickly as you can! In this game, you CLICK anywhere on the picture to reveal it, then ANSWER as soon as you know it! The quicker you answer, the more GEMS you get! Just go to Kimbara Outback and check it out!


Are you looking forward to more Diamond Challenges??? COMMENT below and let me know if you're excited!