Jamaa Legends - EPISODE 6


Our story is soon COMING TO AN END Jammers, here is the second to last episode of DAWN OF THE ALPHAS!


Episode 6 -- Rebuilding Their Home


  amaa had been saved, but the damage the Phantoms had caused was everywhere. Plants and trees were sick, clouds of poison smoke hung in the air, and the land itself was littered with burnt plastic refuse that seemed to follow the Phantoms wherever they went. The Alphas knew it would be the responsibility of every animal in Jamaa, including themselves, to return the land to its former glory.


  While the animals worked hard to rebuild, cleansing power from the Alpha Stones flowed through the Alphas and into the land. Soon, the rivers were running clear, the trees regained their leaves, and the air was fresh and crisp. The pristine beauty of Jamaa had spread from the top of Mt Shiveer to the bottom of Deep Blue.


  During this time, Liza stayed in Jamaa Township to protect the village and help new animals that came to Jamaa, while the other Alphas separated to explore lost lands and track the Phantoms to their source. They were able to restore many of the lands that had been taken over by the Phantoms, and many Heartstones were returned. Animals trapped inside the Heartstones were freed to return to their homes, and they were welcomed by all their animal friends. In a short time, the world of Jamaa began to resemble the beautiful world it once was.


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