Jamaa Legends - Episode 3!!!



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Episode 3 - Rise of the Phantoms


The phantoms came through dark portals and they quickly spread through the uninhabited regions of Jamaa. Wherever the Phantoms went, they left a trail of spoiling destruction. Rivers were polluted, trees became bare, and the air was thick with noxious fumes. The Phantoms consumed everything in the environment and gave nothing back. They leveled entire villages the animals had built and left the entire civilization in pieces.


Because animals were spread out in isolated villages, the Phantoms easily conquered these villages one by one. The animals soon discovered that if the Phantoms reached a Heartstone, they could imprison the animals of that species inside it! Each time the Phantoms captured a Heartstone, an entire species disappeared from Jamaa.


Mira and Zios watched in horror as the Phantoms spread throughout Jamaa. As guardian spirits, it hurt them to see the land they loved become corrupted, and they knew they could bring Jamaa back to life if the Phantoms were repelled. In time, they could make the skies and waters clear again, and if they could recover the lost Heartstones, thousands of animals could return to Jamaa. As time drew on, however, the Phantoms threat grew only more fearsome and unstoppable.


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