Incredible Live Cameras!

Hi Jammers! We live in an amazing world brimming with animal-obsessed people just like you and me. These people love being with and watching animals in wild and have set up hundreds of these cameras (live cams) in the wild. They’ve then linked them to the Internet so that people like you and I can watch these animal behaviors in real time. I’ve shared some live-cams with you already on this blog--like the jelly cam from the Monterey Bay Aquarium--one of my all-time favorites. But this week I’m going to share the goldmine! Drumroll please!!! You gotta check out!



Whatever your favorite animal may be, I bet you can find it on and watch it streaming live from one of its hundreds of live cameras! For example there are live cameras on colonies of bats, bears (brown, panda and polar), bees, belugas, birds (cormorants, eagles, falcons, herons, hummingbirds, owls, penguins, puffins and to name a few) bison, lions, leafy sea dragons, tigers and even coral reefs in the tropics, pastures in Wisconsin and Lake Tahoe in California.  You could pick any camera and even devise a science fair experiment around measuring activities of the animals at different times of the day.


What I found most amazing about is that you can even tune into a live camera on the Grotto hydrothermal vent which is located 2186m (7171 ft) under the sea off Canada’s Pacific coast! You’ll have to schedule your viewing though since the camera operators only have the lights on for 20 min intervals at specific times of the day to limit bothering these darkness dwelling critters.  You have to check out the giant tube worms on the vent. They don’t need sunlight to survive but instead have bacteria inside their bodies that can convert noxious chemicals from the vent into nutritious food!