Honeybee Day Trivia!

image (60) Happy World Honeybee Day! Celebrate by testing your knowledge with some Honeybee Trivia:

1.) Worker bees are A) Babies B) Male C) Female

2.) A drone is a bee that is A) Male B) Female C) Sick

3.) The queen is the only bee that can A) Eat Honey B) Gather Pollen C) Lay Eggs

4.) Honeybees can be trained to detect A) Radiation B) Explosives C) Robbers

5.) Some honeybee queens can A) Swim B) Cook C) Quack

6.) What do honeybees do to communicate with each other? A) Talk B) Dance C) Hover

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Answer key: 1)C, 2)B, 3)C, 4.)B, 5.)C 6.)B