Good Passwords Are The Key To Account Security

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We often get questions from players asking, “How do I keep my account safe?” The key to keeping your account secure is a good password. Here is what your passwords SHOULD contain:

  • A word or phrase that is easy for YOU to remember but HARD for others to guess
  • You should use a mix of upper case and lower case letters
  • You should use numbers
  • You should use symbols.
  • Your passwords should never be a single word about yourself, your name, your birthday or your username. It definitely should never be password. NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD.

__Examples of Bad Passwords and Examples of BETTER Password __(DO NOT USE THESE AS YOUR PASSWORDS)

  • Mountain - Instead use a better password for example: H!k!ngd0WNtH3M0unTa1n!$
  • JaneDoe - Never use your first and last name. Instead just generate a difficult password such as: VNaw6^19
  • QWERTY - Just.. No… Instead use something more complicated at least such as: $58Qw3rtY!!!
  • Sister – Again don’t use simple words. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. For example: ^5!sT3r974^
  • Hamilton – We know you love it. But so do many others and it’s easy to guess, since you post about Hamilton nonstop and it’s your Halloween costume. Instead try: &&19H4milLt0N4LyF3!19&&
  • Smolbean - You love smolbeans and so do we; so do people that try to steal accounts. Instead try making it more complicated such as: $63MaGic4lfru!T36&zZ