Diamond Challenge: Den Item Design Contest!!!

Diamond Challenge: Den Item


Hey Jammers! How would you like to create your very own DEN ITEM? You could even win 5 DIAMONDS in the process!


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Here's how you can enter this DIAMOND CHALLENGE:


1. Head to PECK'S ART STUDIO located in CORAL CANYONS.


2. Draw an item that you would like to have created.


3. Title your work DEN ITEM DIAMOND CHALLENGE and submit!


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The winning submission will be put into stores and available to buy!!! Don't forget, Jammers can also submit their art through JAMMER CENTRAL. Want to learn how to submit? Just CLICK HERE!!! Best of luck...


Submissions are due JUNE 7TH at 9pm MDT. AJHQ will choose 5 CONTESTANTS then let Jammers vote for their favorite! The final 5 contestants will be rewarded 5 DIAMONDS each. Voting will begin on JUNE 9TH, and the final winner will be announced in late June!


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Jammers rule!