Come to the Jambassador Trick-or-Treat!

Invite - IG SQUARE Come to the Jambassador Trick-or-Treat! On Friday, October 14 at 6PM MST, Jambassadors will be opening their dens to welcome trick-or-treaters for an hour of spooky fun and even spookier PRIZES!

The dens of Jambassadors (Animalloverjammer, Azure21, Cherryfizz44, Cinno, Creativey, Delocate, Empyrea, Galaxymintz, Iisah, L30ra, Maxximum, Pinkrhino24, Pínkspinel, Qw072, Snowyclaw, Verface) and AJHQ will be unlocked tomorrow at 6PM MST! Come dressed in your favorite costume and get ready to party! HQ Signature