Animal Jam's Small/Tiny House Den Tour!

Den Tours • Small Dens 213

jinx5403 - DE - AJC

noodle667 - AJC

karlitaxd - AJC

surviv3d - AJC

blueoceanbunny1 - AJ

crystalflare1 - AJ

tigerc19 - DE - AJ

dmala - DE - AJ

noblemagichero - DE - AJC

Quite the tiny house display in this weeks Animal Jam’s Small House Den Tour! AJHQ enjoyed some chocolates, took a nap on in a chair while visiting, and snapping pics! We found such cozy designs like these by blueoceanbunny1, dmala, tigerc19, crystalflare1, noblemagichero, surviv3d, karlitaxd, noodle667, jinx5403! We will continue to feature Small House Den’s in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic throughout February, thank you for the hospitality!

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