Get ready for a splashing good time!

20200617 MarshlandBundle-01 Get ready for a splashing good time with the new Marshland Den Bundle in Animal Jam! This bundle comes with the new Marshland Den, exclusive marshland themed den items and new den music. Swim from room to room and create the ultimate summertime den! Check it out the Marshland Den Bundle in the Sapphire Shop today! HQ Signature

Weekly Member Gift - Whale Tail!

20200616 AJWhaleTail-01 The Weekly Member Gifts are one of the most exciting benefits in Membership in Animal Jam. This week’s Member Gift is a Whale Tail! Don’t forget Membership at provides Membership in both Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic; you can use your same log in information in both games. Animal Jam is available for desktop computers from as well as the Apple App store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App store! HQ Signature

Ready to run away to a rural retreat?

Ready to run away to a rural retreat? Cruise down the river delta to the beautiful new Marshland Den! This collection of open air cabins is the perfect place to relax in the warming summer sun and create your own nature-filled paradise. HQ Signature