Time to Make Your Den Look Poppin'!

20200702 Popcorn Arch Weekly Membership Gifts in Animal Jam are just one of the amazing benefits to Membership from AnimalJam.com! This week’s membership gift is the Popcorn Arch; time to make your den look poppin’! Membership applies benefits in both Animal Jam AND Animal Jam Classic! Animal Jam is available for desktop computers from AnimalJam.com as well as the Apple Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store! HQ Signature

Safety - Remember to keep your information private!

20200627 AJSafety-01 Keeping your personal information private is one of the biggest keys to keeping safe online. Whether you are playing Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic, or using the internet to keep in touch with friends while social distancing; being careful about your personal information is something you should always practice. Stay safe online! Don’t share your personal private information, email, passwords, phone number, social usernames or other private information with anyone online. Be careful about what you share online, keep you and your information safe! HQ Signature