Have you logged into Animal Jam yet?

20200509 AJ PetFrogandGecko-03 Have you logged into Animal Jam yet? As part of the aMAYzing Migration celebration, the new monthly streak prizes are now available! Have you unlocked the new gecko pet yet? They are super cute! Don’t forget that Animal Jam Classic accounts, that existed before the aMAYzing Migration announcement, that have never logged into Animal Jam will also get awesome welcome rewards for logging in as well! Don’t miss your chance to check out what is happening in Animal Jam; available on desktop app as well as Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store! HQ Signature

Rewards in the aMAYzing Migration

20200430 aMAYzing Migration Rewards Have you checked out the aMAYzing Migration going on in Animal Jam? Log in each day and collect your daily spin rewards, unlock prizes and keep that streak alive! Have a blast with your friends in Animal Jam! #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic HQ

Get Ready For Fun With the aMAYzing Migration!

20200429 FollowUpMigration-01MigrationFollowup_AJTip_Trading-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips Potions-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips PhantomDimension-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips ItemWishList (1)-01MigrationFollowUp AJTip Packs-01 Are you an Animal Jam Classic player that hasn’t tried Animal Jam yet on the PC or a mobile device? May is an awesome time to try it out Animal Jam! New daily spins, new monthly login streaks and special login rewards for existing Animal Jam Classic players that have either never logged in to Animal Jam OR did so a very, very long time ago. Join in the aMAYzing Migration; don’t miss your chance to grab all the new rewards for May! #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic HQ

The Toucan has Arrived in Animal Jam Along with Awesome Login Rewards!

20200429 AJ ToucanArrives-01 20200502 aMAYzing Migration Spin 2020 aMAYzing Migration-05 The Toucan has arrived in Animal Jam along with awesome login rewards that just started for May! Also if you are an Animal Jam Classic player and have not tried Animal Jam, now is the time to try it! Accounts that existed before the aMAYzing Migration announcement that had never logged into Animal Jam, or did so a very, very long time ago, will also receive a wonderful starter pack of rewards when logging into Animal Jam. Check it out today everyone! Happy Friday! HQ Signature