Happy World Wetlands Day!

20210202 HappyWorldWetlandsDay-01 Happy World Wetlands Day! Did you know there are many different kinds of wetlands around the world? You can identify them by their unique differences! Swamps are permanently covered in water and dominated primarily by water-tolerant trees. Marshes are most often found, near the banks of rivers and lakes, where they are likely to be covered frequently in water - but not always! Bogs are usually where lakes used to be. They collect excess rainwater and accumulate dead plant material that forms a dense, spongey mat on top of the water. Wetlands are home to many unique animals found in Animal Jam! Which one is your favorite? HQ Signature

Are you accidentally sharing personal information?

20210128AjSafety-01 (1) Are you accidentally sharing personal information? Many jammers know that personal information consists of things like first and last name, home address, telephone number, and school name. It also includes social account usernames and messaging apps. Keep your personal information private and never share in-game! HQ Signature