Animal Jam Abatons!

20180324 Abatons

ABATONS! ABATONS! ABATONS! Are you freaking out? YES! FREAK OUT!!! Animal Jam Abatons are now available at Target! Stack them. Throw them. Roll them. Don’t eat them… Create your own Den MADE OF ABATONS. BUILD A FORTRESS OF ABATONS! Make it 8 feet high! ALL THE ANIMAL JAM ABATONS!


Gem Squad Toys!

20180317 GemSquad 3

We’re bananas for the new Gem Squad toys! Cute AND collectible, they’re a must have for any Animal Jam fan, and are exclusively available at Wal-Mart. The Gem Squad toys come with a special code you can redeem in-game for Crystal Pegasus Armor, so get yours today!