Wild Weekend World Oceans Day - Tide Pools with Tierney!

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Howdy Jammers,

I’d like to introduce you to the Northern clingfish (Gobiesox maeandricus)–a most amazing little fish that I discovered recently in a Monterey tidepool. You just never know who will pop up in the intertidal where the sea meets the land. The coolest feature of the clingfish is the suction disk on its belly that it uses to stick itself to slippery surfaces when the waves are crashing about! That disc also holds in moisture so this little fellow can stay out of the water longer than other suction-less fishes. Turns out that disc is actually a pair of modified fins (pelvic fins) and the larger the fish is the stronger the disc can stick—to all sorts of surfaces rough and smooth. Some intrepid biologists measured the fish’s sticking ability and found that one clingfish can generate impressive forces of up to 14–15 Newtons, which is 150 times its own body weight! Now that’s what I call a hefty sucker! Hopefully that sucking ability helps deter predators too—like gopher snakes who have been known to hunt clingfish during low tides. Oh, those crazy snakes!

Northern clingfish don’t get much larger than about 6 in. (17 cm) long and occur from Washington state all the way down to Baja California. Keep your eyes open for them next time you find yourself in the tidepools of Monterey Bay and beyond.

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Happy World Oceans Day with Tierney Thys!

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Hi Jammers,

I wanted to wish you all a very happy World Oceans Day coming June 8th. The ocean is truly the best playground for finding the world’s craziest animals! While some of you may live far from the ocean, we’re all connected to it. How? Well little organisms floating in the ocean called phytoplankton produce half of the oxygen we breathe. We’re all breathing ocean products with every second breathe we take. The water in our bodies was once in the ocean too and will return to the ocean. So that means our bodies and our blood, sweat and tears can be considered part of the ocean as well. In a way, we are all just little oceans walking around the planet playing video games about the ocean.

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The ocean does so much for our planet. Without it life simply wouldn’t exist. Earth would be like Mars! So on World Ocean Day, it sure would be lovely if we could all pay our respects to the amazing world ocean we have and do something nice for it. One action could be to say no to plastic straws, and no to any single serving piece of plastic e.g. single serving yogurt cups, plastic coated Starbucks cups, candy wrappers… Every little bit of plastic we don’t use is one less piece that can end up in the ocean.

And if you feel strongly about protecting the ocean, join up with like-minded friends and March for the Ocean on June 9th. A healthy ocean means a healthy planet means healthy humans.

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