Rare Item Monday - Rare Hero Mask

20180903 AJ HeroMask20180903 PW HerosMask When the world needs saving from the dastardly phantoms, sometimes you need to become the Hero Jamaa needs. Embrace your alter ego with the Rare Hero Mask for Animal Jam and the Rare Hero’s Mask for Play Wild on this Rare Item Monday! HQ

Rare Item Monday - Rare Silk Scarf and Rare Designer Scarf

20180827 AJ SilkScarf 20180827 PW DesignerShawl With fall just around the corner, we’re all in need of some fabulous fashion to help with the transition. Look no further than these fantastic RIMs, the Rare Silk Scarf in Animal jam and the Rare Designer Scarf in Play Wild! No way to fall behind in style with these accessories, but buy them soon, they’re available for today only!! HQ