Foxes Return To Play Wild!

20181113 PW FoxReturns FOXES ARE COMING BACK TO PLAY WILD! Foxes will be available LATER TONIGHT in the Sapphire Shop, after the daily update! (6:00pm Pacific/ 7:00pm Mountain / 8:00pm Central / 9:00pm Eastern / Midnight GMT) Are you excited? Let us know what you think in the comments below! HQ

Play Wild Planned Server Maintenance

maintenance asset We will be performing a planned server maintenance tonight in Play Wild, starting around 10:00pm Mountain. (That is 9:00pm Pacific/ 11:00pm Central and Midnight Eastern) During this time, you may experience trouble logging into your account. DON’T PANIC! We are just cleaning up the remnants of a few million paintseeds and performing other routine server maintenance. We don’t anticipate this to last long, so thanks for hanging in there with us during this brief interlude! HQ