Candy Cavern Speed Den Decoration!

Play Wild’s sweet new den is here, and it’s simply divine. Not only does it consist completely of chocolate and candy, but it also stars a CHOCOLATE RIVER BOAT RIDE. What more needs to be said? Check out this fun new den decoration over on our YouTube channel for mouth-watering inspiration.


Meerkats Arriving in Play Wild!

Check out this cute #SneakPeek of the #PlayWild Meerkat! The Meerkat will be arriving in Play Wild at 7:00pm Mountain timezone tonight! Let us know what you think of the newest animal to arrive in Play Wild!


The Treetop Roost is now available in Play Wild!

20190107 SOC PW TreetopRoost-01 The Treetop Roost is now available in Play Wild! Just when you think you’ve found your favorite den, along comes a den which blows your mind! The Treetop Roost is the perfect home for your new Eagle; full of places to nest, perch and get your birdness on. The Treetop Roost Bundle is a wonderful way to start decorating your new roost with eagle inspired lanterns, streamers, statues and more! HQ