Autumn Harvest Run!

20180904 PackRun AutumnHarvest

The fall season is here with the Autumn Harvest Run, the new Pack Run for Play Wild! Collect crops as you run through the new autumn-themed harvest map; grab the most carrots, pumpkins, wheat and ears of corn before the timer’s up. At the end of the month, the members of the Leaderboard Champion Pack, for each language, will win the coveted Wind-up Key! Grab your pack mates, collect the Harvest and have a blast! HQ

Pack Leaderboard Champs!

Leaderboard champion post August 31 2018

Congratulations to the Leaderboard Champions for the Shellstravaganza Pack Runs, for all languages: Moonlight Monsterz, Bon Temps, Salvajes Felices, хвост феи, Crunchy and Insaneclownposse! Each member of the Champion pack will be receiving the super rarest Viking Hat! WHOAH!!!!!! The Autumn Harvest Pack Runs have just started; the Champion Pack members for Harvest Pack Runs will each win the Wind-up Key! There is a lot of time to compete, grab your pack mates and work together! HQ

Gorillas have arrived in Play Wild!

20180829 PW Gorilla

This pretty spectacular primate is far from primitive – in fact it’s the newest animal in Jamaa! Gallop on down to the Sapphire Shop (on two legs or four!) to purchase your very own Gorilla bundle. Turn your pack into a troop as you explore Animal Jam Play Wild from a new perspective!


Sneak Peek - Gorillas Are Arriving to Play Wild!

That’s right… GORILLAS are coming to Play Wild!! These fierce animals will be right at home in the world of Jamaa; we can’t wait to try out all their actions and see how they move. The Play Wild update will be arriving this week! We can’t wait to hear your opinions! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think