Pack Runs - Ladybug Champs!

LeaderboardChampion June2018 The Ladybug Roundup in Pack Runs has come to its conclusion for this round. Congratulations to all our Leaderboard Champions: Muchkins, Asajj Ventress, Mangle Y Foxy, ВоиныНочи, Pinapple and Insaneclownposse! Each member of these packs will be receiving the extremely rare Moustache and Chops item! If you didn’t get all your ladybug armor, don’t despair, you will have a chance again to finish your set or gather even more prizes at a future date. The Crab-o-Rama Pack Runs have just started; the Champion pack will score DJ Headphones for every member of their pack. So Cool! HQ

The New Volcano Isle Den has Arrived in Play Wild!

image (29) Summer can bring the heat, but nothing can compare to the sizzling temperatures found within the new Volcano Isle Den in Play Wild! The Volcano Isle Bundle comes complete with furniture from the new Lava Stone set; create anything from a perfect tropical paradise to a sinister island lair. For every purchase of the Volcano Isle den in Play Wild, WildWorks will donate $.25 to relief efforts in Guatemala on behalf of Animal Jam players! #PlayWild #AnimalJam

Play Wild is available for download in the Apple Store, Google Play or the Amazon App store; you can even log in with your Animal Jam account! #AnimalJam #PlayWild