Invite Your Penguin Buddies To Join You On Play Wild!

20181011 ClubPenguin Do you have Penguin buddies online that are looking for a new home? Invite them to join you in Animal Jam - Play Wild. Make a new home and get off to a fabulous start by entering the code: PENGUINS for a FREE Penguin Animal, a Penguin Pet and an Igloo Den! Animal Jam - Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Join us in the land of Jamaa! HQ

Play Wild's Spooky Villa is here!

20181010 PW SpookyVilla Bundle The Spooky Villa has arrived and is now available in Play Wild! This colorful and spooky den is just the place to host your Night of the Phantoms haunted house and spooky celebrations! The Spooky Villa Bundle comes with the Spooky Villa Den and a host of frightful den items: including lanterns, torches, pumpkins, skull lights and more. Log in to Play Wild and check out the Spooky Villa Den today! HQ

Phantom pets have arrived in Play Wild!

20181003 PW PetPhantom

Phantom pets have arrived in Play Wild! Some phantoms have given up the goal of stealing sweets and instead seek a sweet filled life with the kind Jammers of Jamaa. Show them the good life and adopt a Pet Phantom for the Night of the Phantom celebration! You still may want to lock up your sweets though, they have quite the unsatiable sweet tooth! HQ