Pirate Cove Speed Den Decoration

Ahoy Cap’n! Muck out the Bilge and unfurl yer sails and watch th’ fastest piratin’ decoration this side of the seven seas! Pay a visit to ye olde YouTube Channel and set a spyglass on this amazin’ feat! Th’ Pirate Cove Den be available in Play Wild! Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. HQ

New Pirate Cove Den Arrives in Play Wild!

20181114 PW PirateCove Bundle

Shiver me timbers me hearties; the new Pirate Cove Den has made landfall in Play Wild! Make way to the Sapphire Shop; the Pirate Cove Den Bundle includes the new Pirate Cove Den as well as exclusive nautical-themed items. Don’t be a scallywag and miss this chance to be the captain of yer own destiny in #PlayWild! #AnimalJam #KidsGames


Foxes Return To Play Wild!

20181113 PW FoxReturns FOXES ARE COMING BACK TO PLAY WILD! Foxes will be available LATER TONIGHT in the Sapphire Shop, after the daily update! (6:00pm Pacific/ 7:00pm Mountain / 8:00pm Central / 9:00pm Eastern / Midnight GMT) Are you excited? Let us know what you think in the comments below! HQ