Guardian Armor in Play Wild!

20180821 PW GuardianArmor

Are you ready to be the guardian that Jamaa needs and deserves? Protect Jamaa with the new Guardian Armor! Pick up your own today at the Sapphire Shop and show those phantoms that Jammers are not to be trifled with.


Fantasy Peacock Pet - The World of Fantasy Bundle

20180814 FantasyBundle PetPeacock We love the exclusive new look displayed by the Fantasy Peacock Pet, now available in the World of Fantasy Membership Bundle available at The World of Fantasy bundle comes complete with a raccoon animal, an exclusive fantasy peacock pet, the fantasy castle den, exclusive fantasy den items, and an exclusive outfit! Becoming a member in Animal Jam gives you membership benefits in Play Wild too, such as Weekly and Daily Sapphires and gifts. If you already have a membership, you can still get the bundle items by adding another month of membership from in August, it will stack onto your current membership! HQ

Sneak Peek - Autumn Coyote!

The leaves are beginning to change colors, revealing the newest animal to arrive in Jamaa, The Autumn Coyote! A new update is set to arrive tomorrow in Animal Jam! Log in and check it out! HQ

Woolly Salon Den is here!

20180815 PW WoollySalon Bundle

Tame your new Llama’s wacky and woolly hairdos with the new and exclusive Woolly Salon den! Stay superbly stylish, create your own fashion statements, or even run your own salon. Stop by the Sapphire Shop in Play Wild and check out the Woolly Salon today! HQ