New Play Wild Update!

The new Play Wild update is here and a total blast! Have you had a chance to scurry on over and give the newest Pack Run - Squirrel Scamper a try? Have you gathered your scallywag pals and created a pirate pack? How are you enjoying the new Coyote? Let us know in the comments below! HQ

Newest Play Wild Pack Run - the Squirrel Scamper!

20181103 PackRun SquirrelScamper We are going nuts over here for our newest Play Wild Pack Run, the Squirrel Scamper! Challenge your packmates to join you in preparing for the impending winter! Play Wild is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon app store! If you play on you can download and use the same username and password to play! HQ

Congrats Pumpkin Patrol Pack Runs Champs!

leaderboard champion post nov 2 2018

Thanks for everyone’s patience today as we sorted out the Pack tech issues. Everything should be working fine now! Congratulations to the Pumpkin Patrol champs: Munchkin Monsterz, Bon Temps, Insaneclownposse, Lilpeepz , Dark Rain , and хвост феи ! Great work! All members from these packs will receive a Moustache and Chops accessory. Woohoo!! Would you like a chance to win big? Create a pack in Play Wild and run the latest pack runs: Squirrel Scamper. The top pack for each language will score the DJ Headset! Good luck Jammers!