Amazing Play Wild Masterpieces!

image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image (9) image (10) image (11) image (12) We found these amazing Play Wild Masterpieces by: Apollo12aj, Katiakate, Ratwisperer, Rainbowblits, Leafeon360, Coretoon, Katthecat45, Paintingfire, Wildarts and Caracalclaws. We’re truly in awe; congrats on being featured! We’ll be sending you a Fan Art Plaque and Masterpiece Token very soon. Play Wild is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store! We love our talented Animal Jam Community and are so excited to see your Play Wild Masterpiece creations, so keep ‘em coming! Have patience with us as we go through the approval queues; it is quite the mountain of new masterpieces! HQ

Masterpieces now in Play Wild!

20181128 PW Masterpieces

The new Play Wild update has arrived! We are excited to announce, not only the new Moose, but MASTERPIECES in Play Wild! All Jammers will be able to create and submit Masterpieces in Play Wild, similar to Masterpieces in Animal Jam! Don’t have the Play Wild app? No Worries! Visit the Apple App Store the Google Play Store and the Amazon App store, download and log in. Current players on Animal Jam can even use the same username and password! Our team will be hard at work, approving masterpieces, but it may take some time to get through the Masterpiece-a-lanche, so please be patient! HQ

Pirate Cove Speed Den Decoration

Ahoy Cap’n! Muck out the Bilge and unfurl yer sails and watch th’ fastest piratin’ decoration this side of the seven seas! Pay a visit to ye olde YouTube Channel and set a spyglass on this amazin’ feat! Th’ Pirate Cove Den be available in Play Wild! Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. HQ