Great Jamaalidays Gifts for Jammers!

Looking for some great gifts for the Jammer in your family? There are a ton of really cool Animal Jam gifts available at Amazon, AND your local Walmart and Target stores! 

The plush Pillow Pets, snazzy AJ Watches and the cool Mount Shiveer Book are great examples of awesome Animal Jam gifts available at Amazon. Animal Jam toys such as Adopt a Pets, the Dress up Closet and other AJ toys can all be found at your local Walmart and Target Stores! 

Lastly the new Winter Box from is a great gift that keeps on giving all year! Share your Jamaalidays joy with 

the Jammers in your family! 

Happy Jamaalidays! 

Candy Cane Socks Rock!

Time to Rock our Jammalidays Socks! The Jamaaliday Candy Cane Socks are today’s Jamaalidays Gift on! 


These popular seasonal socks come in a variety of colors, so you never know what color will drop in that gift box! These are available TODAY ONLY; log into Animal Jam and grab them while you can! 

Perfect Animal Jam Stocking Stuffers!

Need Jamaalidays Stocking Stuffers? We have your answer! Fill your favorite Jammer’s stockings to the brim with Cupcake Adopt A Pets, Clip Plush Adopt A Pets, Twistz Candy Dispensers and Plusheez Candy Pouches. YUM!


These fun Animal Jam stocking stuffers are available at your 

local Walmart and Target stores!