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Spiff up any outfit!

20210325 AJ ColorCloud Spring Vibes-01 Spiff up any outfit when you stop into your pack hideout and visit the artist palette. You’ll be amazed at your fresh, new look! Share your Look tips for Animal Jam Classic or Animal Jam. We can’t wait to read your tips! HQ Signature

Who needs a hug?

20210315 Self Care Hugs-01 Who needs a hug? Did you know that it’s a proven fact that a hug creates a calming or relaxing feeling due to oxytocin releasing? It’s important during stressful times to take a moment and care for yourself or others even if it’s a simple hug. Share below what you can do to help reduce the stress for your family, friends, and yourself? HQ Signature

Get Ready For Fun With the aMAYzing Migration!

20200429 FollowUpMigration-01MigrationFollowup_AJTip_Trading-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips Potions-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips PhantomDimension-01MigrationFollowUp AJTips ItemWishList (1)-01MigrationFollowUp AJTip Packs-01 Are you an Animal Jam Classic player that hasn’t tried Animal Jam yet on the PC or a mobile device? May is an awesome time to try it out Animal Jam! New daily spins, new monthly login streaks and special login rewards for existing Animal Jam Classic players that have either never logged in to Animal Jam OR did so a very, very long time ago. Join in the aMAYzing Migration; don’t miss your chance to grab all the new rewards for May! #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic HQ