Are you a friendly Llama that's not into drama?

20210505 No Drama Llama-01 Are you a friendly Llama that’s not into drama? “Stop spreadin’ those rumors around…stop spreadin’ the lies” Help spread calm and positivity in your online community. Be wary of sharing rumors and posting second-hand claims about other players. Getting involved in this type of drama is upsetting and can really hurt players in real life. Be a No Drama Llama and help keep the Animal Jam community a stress free place to engage. “c’mon everybody stop spreadin’ the rumors”
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Can you spot the red flags?

20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-01 20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-02 20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-03 Can you spot the red flags in this phishing message? Phishing messages can come from anyone, even names you recognize, but unknown senders are especially suspicious! Always proceed with caution:

  • Look for fake logos or typos
  • Phishing scams try to catch your attention -Scammers try to make their message sound urgent -NEVER enter personal information unless you’re SURE you’re on a site you trust -Scammers might find you in game, direct you offsite and have you click on a link to gain your information -Read URLs carefully before you click HQ Signature



Jammers… Have no fear because the EMOTE TUTORIAL is here! That’s right! Let’s make some emotes!!! Here’s how they work (let’s use phantom for an example): If you want to make this —-> phantom just take the word phantom and place it between two colons, like this:

image (16) Once you’ve typed whichever emotes you want to use, you simply submit the post. Now you’re ready for the complete list; let the emote craziness begin! emote commands

STOP whatever you're doing (when you can)!

20210402 Self Care Yoga with Liza-01 STOP whatever you’re doing (when you can), find a spot to give yourself a break. Our days get busy and we forget to take time for ourselves; everyone deserves time to regroup, relax, and refocus each day. Each one of us has areas in our lives that bring stressful situations. Take at least five minutes each day to find a peaceful spot to sit, listen and just breathe. What sounds, surroundings, or activities can shift you from stress to calm? HQ Signature