Jambassador Tutorials - Fossil Hunting

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Have you ever wondered how Fossil Hunting works in Animal Jam? If so, our very own Jambassadors 7nut, Empyrea, and Galaxymintz are here to help! Check out their full in-game tutorial at the Projector Screen in Sarepia Forest for more!

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Stop before you hop!

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Stop before you hop! It’s always smart to think before you click on any unknown links that are discussed in or out of the game.

What would you do in this situation?

? The Player asks for help with a video

? They explain you need to be on another language server

? They direct you to a YouTube link to “get to the other language server”

What are the red flags in this situation?

  • They are currently interacting in your language, why would you need to leave

  • You do not need to go to a separate link to change your language server, to do this you can follow the player directly in-game

  • The link provided is not a link to Animal Jam’s site, which is not how you access our language servers

What should you do?

  • Report the player in-game and log out before continuing game play
  • Speak with your parent or trusted adult if you ever have in-game concerns
  • Increase your security by enabling two step authentication on your devices, email, and all your online accounts
  • Be cautious of what sites you visit
  • Never click on any links that you’re unsure about
  • Be careful of what other players are asking of you

Find the links to our language servers below! Remember to always think before you hop to unknown links and trust any red flags that pop up!

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