Refer a Friend in Animal Jam

One of the best parts of Animal Jam is playing with your buddies. We are excited to introduce the Refer a Friend feature in Animal Jam! You can now refer friends to join Animal Jam; when they use your username, or a link you have provided, both of you get a fat stack of gems! If they end up purchasing membership, you will get a week of membership and 15 diamonds! Wow! This can only be used on but remember membership also grants lots of benefits in Play Wild as well.

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Jammer Tip - How to make emotes!!!


Jammers... Have no fear, because the EMOTE TUTORIAL is here! That's right! Let's make some emotes!!!

Here's how they work! Let's use phantom for an example!

If you want to make this ----> phantom just take the word phantom and place it between two colons, like this:


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.56.24 PM


Once you've typed whichever emotes you want to use, you simply submit the post! Then you see your beautiful emote! Now you're ready for the complete list!!! There you have it Jammers! Let the emote craziness begin!!!


:) 8-) :-( :-) :-? :-D :-P :-o :-x ;-) :( :) :? :D :P :o :x shock :???: cool evil grin idea oops razz wink cry lol mad sad scuffle puzzle joy phantom sleepy breakingheart peace angry blush confused laugh love rainy sick tired sneaky surprise think game hearts heart brokenheart burger icecream sword singlestar doublestar triplestar loveletter gems diamond rainbow lucky mushroom butterfly win gift
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.56.15 PM

cool cool cool cool


Happy Jamming! Tell ALL the buddies!