Captivating Night of the Phantoms Masterpieces

shopking starbeing We can’t help but share these creepy yet captivating Night of the Phantoms Masterpieces by our talented Animal Jam artist community; these pieces are all simply stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us Theshopking and Starbeing; you’ve each just scored a Fan Art Plaque for your den in both Animal Jam and Play Wild and a Masterpiece token. Congrats! HQ

Trick or Treating Masterpiece Collab! | Animal Jam

Visit our YouTube channel and get in the spirit of the Night of the Phantoms with this cool Masterpiece Collaboration! We had a great time collaborating with: Wolfy44444, Tehbestotakuevah, Ivmg, Valceethetiger, Disneygrl, Mooep, Pokemonxyzthebattle, Cupcake89, Shadowbluefire, Tinkeregirl, Radiation, Kid23000, CB111111, Epdod, Chaviwolf, Hyenine1, 223Lourose and Moonilethefox! Each of these amazing AJ artists and collaborators will be receiving a Fan Art plaque for their den and a Masterpiece Token! Spooky Masterpieces make great Night of the Phantoms decor, so don’t forget to make your own, or even trade for them!


Night of the Phantoms Spooktacular and Haunting Masterpieces!

image (52) image (54) image (58) image (56) image (57) image (59) image (55) image (53) Night of the Phantoms is one of our favorite times of year! Let’s kick off the celebration by sharing some of the spooktacular and haunting Masterpieces created by the AJ Community. Congrats to sydneyisawesome0707, theguavamaster, junglemuffin, hymns, 223lou, amoredwolf5, moumou123 and misojams, we will be sending each of you a fan art plaque for your den! Do you have an amazing Night of the Phantoms Masterpiece you would love to share with the AJ Community? Comment below and let us know! #AnimalJam #PlayWild HQ