Masterpiece Collab!

We love to show off amazing masterpieces and were super excited to join some amazing Animal Jam Community Artists in a collaborative mural. Big shout out to the following amazing AJ Community Artists: Joliezac, Silverstorm792, chocolate4froggy, floofyart, Fenderc3po, Shadowbluefire, CupCakeCeline, bubbleyum7, Starbeing, Hyenine1 and Awsomeisme1233! We will be sending each of them a Fan Art Plaque and Masterpiece Token for their den! We had fun in this collab, so if you are looking to have us join you, just comment below and let us know! Also don’t forget if you are into AJ Art, the Artist’s Dream bundle is available for membership purchases on! It comes with the Gallery Dens, exclusive den items, Five Masterpiece Tokens and more!


Jammer Art - Noxium


We are blown away by the amazing masterpieces created by the AJ Community. Check out this incredible masterpiece by noxium! You did an amazing job noxium! We will be sending you a cool Fan Art Plaque for your den!