Our Community is full of talented artists!

image (70) image (71) image (72) Our community is so talented when it comes to Animal Jam and Play Wild Fan Art and Masterpieces! We loved these works of art by: Alebou, 223lou and Missw0lfy. We will be sending each of these players 3 Masterpiece tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games! HQ

These Masterpiece Artists Captured Jamaalidays!

image (65)image (66)image (67)image (68)image (69) These amazing masterpieces by: Captainstinkytoe, Lilforestnymph, Chocolate4froggy, Bugs1020 and Doodlebambi have given us all the holiday feels. These Masterpiece Artists have really captured the wonderful things we love about the Jamaalidays. We will be sending each of these master artists a Artist’s Plaque for their den and THREE Masterpiece Tokens. Have you created a show-stopping, Jamaaliday masterpiece or artwork in Animal Jam or Play Wild? If so, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #AnimalJam so we can see it! HQ

Fox Fan Art!

image (30) image (24) image (27) image (23) image (25) image (26) image (28) image (29)

We came across these amazing fox-themed masterpieces, and couldn’t resist sharing them in celebration of their return to Play Wild. Aren’t they amazing?! We’re blown away by our talented Animal Jam Community! Congrats on being featured ocean8froggy, floofyart, winky15, silverstorm792, skeletals, naximus, wolfsight and kiwicon; we’ll be sending each of you a fan art plaque for your den in both games later today. Woohoo!


Pumpkin Themed Masterpieces!

image (20) image (21) image (22)

These Pumpkin-themed masterpieces certainly fit in with the spooky season! Shout out to sakurasan0, Cinderpelt1002, and Diamondz33each of you will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque for your den in both Animal Jam and Play Wild.