Night of the Phantoms Spooktacular and Haunting Masterpieces!

image (52) image (54) image (58) image (56) image (57) image (59) image (55) image (53) Night of the Phantoms is one of our favorite times of year! Let’s kick off the celebration by sharing some of the spooktacular and haunting Masterpieces created by the AJ Community. Congrats to sydneyisawesome0707, theguavamaster, junglemuffin, hymns, 223lou, amoredwolf5, moumou123 and misojams, we will be sending each of you a fan art plaque for your den! Do you have an amazing Night of the Phantoms Masterpiece you would love to share with the AJ Community? Comment below and let us know! #AnimalJam #PlayWild HQ

Masterpiece Collab - Diagon Alley

We have been working with fantastic Animal Jam Community Artists on this latest collaborative Masterpiece Mural. Visit our YouTube Channel and check out this amazing Speed Collab! We had a blast in taking part in this magical themed Masterpiece Collab! Congrats to the following AJ Community Artists: Silverstorm792, Brightsidekate, Redwing, Joliezac, Spiritpaw05, RainbowFlyingDash, Artistictiger5, Loviecats1, Lemonsharkie, Stormytonya, Cheetah10260, Shadowbluefire, Chocolate4froggy, LuminousSparkle, Kidkitty, Queenpokepuff and Hyenine1! They will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque and a Masterpiece Token for their den! Comment below if you have an idea for a new Masterpiece Collab and have a collab team ready to participate!


Another great batch of Masterpieces from our AJ Community!

rosyrosa360 s0mebodyexe twoeyesoneheart

We couldn’t resist sharing these amazing Masterpieces by Rosyrosa360, S0mebodyexe, and twoeyesoneheart. We are blown away by this talent! We’ll be sending them a Fan Art Plaque AND a Masterpiece Token for their den right away. Looking to get into making amazing Masterpieces? Now is a great time to become a member with the Artist’s Bundle; you get all the benefits of membership, the art gallery den, Lemur and pet, exclusive den items and FIVE Masterpiece Tokens! Check out the Artist’s Bundle at today!


We love our amazing Animal Jam Community Artists!

image (51) image (50) image (49)

We love our amazing Animal Jam Community Artists! Check out these amazing Masterpieces by cheetah10260, wonderwolf89 and eatingcheerioz! We are sending each of them a Fan Art Plaque for their den and a Masterpiece Token! Don’t forget to check out the Artist’s Dream Bundle at! This month it comes with the Gallery Den, FIVE Masterpiece Tokens, exclusive acessories, den items and more! Share your amazing Masterpieces with us and tag it #AnimalJam so we are sure to see it!