Summertime Masterpieces

image (7)image (4)image (5)image (6) We loved these summertime Masterpieces and had to share this art by: Cupcakeceline, Misscupcakes02, Fizzycola99 and Yumetatsu. We will be sending each of them a secret prize to show our appreciation. HQ

Amazing Summer Masterpieces!

image (74)image (73)image (72)image (71)

Summer is starting off right! We enjoyed these summery Masterpieces by HEDGEWITCH, STORMYTONYA, C0UNTT, DARLINGLOVESTRUCK! We will be sending each of them 5 Masterpiece Tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games!


Masterpiece Highlight!

image (69)image (68)image (67)image (66)image (70) image (65) image (64)

Amazing artists abound in the Animal Jam Community; take a look at these beautiful Masterpieces by sealeye, eggkid, happyheartpuppy, shadowbluefire, sparkleclouds, meloedalu and floofyart! We’ll be sending each of these featured artists an Artist Plaque in both games and 5 Masterpiece Tokens!


Terrific Masterpieces!

image (63)image (62)image (61)image (60)image (59)image (58)image (57)

Tuesdays are terrific, especially with amazing Masterpieces like these to enjoy! We’re proud to feature these talented artists today: saifiremooon, cyancitrine, roorooshoe, cb111111, zherya, lullabygirl and mint6. Each artist will receive 5 Masterpiece Tokens and an Artist Plaque for both games; thanks for sharing your talent with us!