More Amazing Spring Art!

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We’re in loaf with all things spring, especially spring-themed masterpieces! Check out these adorable duckling and bunny Masterpieces in Animal Jam and Play Wild! CAN YOU EVEN?! Congrats to radiation, Bravegem, sweetoonaj, diamondsappire26, and 223lourose on being featured; we’ll be sending each of you an Artist Plaque and 5 Masterpiece Tokens! HQ

Spring-themed Jammer Art!

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We’ve got spring fever here at AJHQ and these beautiful spring-themed Masterpieces are too good to not share! Check out these beautiful spring Masterpieces in Animal Jam and Play Wild by: lazydarkness, ahaisga, xxauroraskyxx, galoot, boogie183, endlesstruths. We loved these and will be sending each of these amazing artists FIVE Masterpiece Tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games! HQ

Amazing Spring Masterpieces!

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Check out these recent spring-themed Masterpieces we found by our amazing Animal Jam artists: 223lou, hamstery001, zznation and Starbeing! Let’s all give a big shout out to these amazing AJ Artists! HQ

Spring Masterpieces!

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Spring is right around the corner and we wanted to show off these awesome masterpieces by: cupcakeceline, safarirain222 and 123kcc. Great Job! We will be sending them an artist plaque for their den. Are you ready for Spring? Let us know in the comment below!