Work on your login streak in Animal Jam!

20200525 GeckoSecretLair Don’t forget to log in each day in Animal Jam and work on your login streak! If you have been logging in each day, you should be be very close to unlocking this amazing Pet Gecko’s Secret Lair! Remember if you are an Animal Jam Classic player, you can log in with your same log in information! Explore Animal Jam and collect your Daily Spin and Monthly Streak rewards! Animal Jam is available for desktop download from, the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store! HQ Signature

Celebrating all of our Graduates!

20200523 GraduationCapandGown-01 We wanted to take a moment to recognize and celebrate all our graduates! We know this has been the craziest school year, but you have all done great! Join your buddies in Animal Jam Classic, grab and cap and gown and throw a graduation party. Well done! HQ Signature

Pack Chest Rewards - Taco Cart!

Taco Cart Have you joined a Pack yet? Log in today and don’t miss collecting from your Pack Loot Chest from your hideout! Don’t forget your Membership benefits in Animal Jam Classic also extend to Animal Jam as well! Animal Jam is available for desktop download on as well as the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App store!